The staff of P&I Scandinavia has the knowledge expertise and experience necessary to deal with any kind of P&I related claim matters, whether they arise at sea, on land or in the air.

Our claims team will:

  • Handle your claim from the time when you notify us, right through to settlement and possible recovery
  • Deal with the relevant Authorities
  • Assist and advice under local laws and provide knowledge of local parties and business
  • Dispatch surveyors and/or other experts with correct quality competence and ensure costs are kept at a minimum level

P&I Scandinavia have handled all sorts of P&I related matters. From routine cargo claims to major collisions, oil pollution cases, crew matters such as evacuation and repatriation etc. and stowaway cases. We have access to and work together with well qualified surveyors and in case of need, external lawyers and doctors as well as salvors, divers and shipyards.

We always act in the way considered to best serve the interests of our principals and P&I Scandinavia have earned a good reputation in the Nordic Region as well as in the Baltic and abroad.

Contact with Authorities

We will deal with the relevant Authorities, for instance:

  • Immigration Authorities
  • Health Authorities including SEARCH AND RESCUE
  • Environmental Authorities and the Navy or Coastguard where a grounding or collision leaves risk of pollution or other damage
  • Wreck-removal orders from local Authorities


Our team will also dispatch surveyors and other experts as appropriate to assess what happened, when it happened, and how it happened to determine who is responsible.

Legal expertise and advice

We will, based on the governing Rules and Regulations (the Hague/Hague- Visby/Hamburg rules, Warsaw/Montreal Convention, CMR and CIM etc.), determine the principal’s liability and based on this they will recommend whether to settle, pay-up or fight the case in court.

List of expertise – P&I Survey and Claims – Claims handling and Settling/Recoveries – Multimodal Claims Assessment – Loss Investigations – Assistance to Crew – Personal Injury and/or Death – Stowaways – Pollution Matters – Collision/Grounding/Salvage/Wreck Removal – Tug and Tow Warranties – Terminal/Quay Damage – Detention/Arrest/Strikes and Boycotts – P&I and FD&D Matters – Damage to Cables

Advice on: – Hague/Hague-Visby/Hamburg rules – Warsaw/Montreal Convention – Crew and Social Security Legislation – Local Legislation – Application of International Conventions in Local Courts – CMR – CIM