P & I Scandinavia

P&I Scandinavia Group is the leading P&I Club Correspondent for Denmark including the Faroe Islands and Greenland, as well as for Norway and Sweden.

P&I Scandinavia represent in the mentioned countries the majority of the world's P&I Clubs and have offices in Copenhagen, Nuuk, Oslo, Bergen, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

P&I Scandinavia, being the foremost provider of Claims Management Services to the marine community in Scandinavia, is also offering Claims Management solutions in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as in Poland and Finland in respect of some big shipping companies.

Our staff consists of lawyers, Master Mariners and professional Claims Handlers. This combination of skills and in-house knowledge of Maritime Law and Practice in Scandinavia is essential for providing good and efficient claims handling. The high standard expected from the staff is also reflected in our choice of surveyors, solicitors and other external experts.

Through membership of EPIC, the association of European P&I Club Correspondents, P&I Scandinavia has access to claims handlers, lawyers and surveyors throughout Europe.